Safety Inspections

Whether it be an old home, home sale or purchase, business or industrial setting we'll let you know if it is wired to current National Electric Codes and if it is SAFE!  
You would be surprised how many of our customers buy their homes without first consulting a REGISTERED ELECTRICIAN!

Our "Whole Home Inspection" can pinpoint any problem in your electrical system!

Granted these  "Whole Home Inspections"  are valuable to a degree, but what the inspector has to look at from top to bottom in a short period of time is an enormous undertaking.  Many of these inspectors only have a limited understanding of the electrical field and usually you will see a disclaimer telling you to consult a REGISTERED ELECTRICIAN to cover their companies’ liability!

Unsafe in home wiring could lead to a fire.


Test and Tag.

We offer a full range of test and tag for companies or personal.